Washington State Festival

03/20/2009 02:23


Washington State Festival, Ocean Shores WA

"Let the light shine in 2009"

 June 19th and 20th  2009


                                          Featured Caller - Don & Marie Wood, Olympia, WA

     Don is a Washington native and has traveled world-wide as a square dance caller.  His first attempt at calling was as a young boy when his club caller asked him to do a singing call.  Don stopped square dancing for several years but while in the service he went back through lessons and again he found that calling was a strong attraction.  So his transition to a square dance caller began.

     Don currently calls for clubs in Olympia, WA and Centralia, WA.  He has been featured on staffs of various festivals such as the Alaska State Festival, Black Hills Jamboree, and the Fiesta De Quadrilla in California.

     Don is a co-owner and recording artist for Lou-Mac Records.  He spends a great deal of time to music arrangements and production.  Don is known world-wide for his choreography and music diversity.  He considers teaching to be among the most fun part of the activity.

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